Analisis Penerapan Relationship Maintenance Strategy Melalui Penggunaan Media Sosial(Studi Pada Twitter Perbankan di Indonesia)

Rahmatul Jannatin Naimah, Muhammad Riza Firdaus, Ahmad Rifani


Nowadays, banks are actively using twitter in order to maintain relationships with customers. Unfortunately, the trend of using social media as Relationship Maintenance  Strategy  (RMS)  for  the  banking  industry  is  not  supported  by adequate research in the realm of marketing public relation science. Positivity, openness, task sharing, networking, access, and assurance are six dimensions that can be used to measure the application of RMS through twitter. Thus, this research aims to analyze whether there are differences in the implementation of RMS in the Indonesia Banking Industry through content analysis of its offi cial twitter.  The  banks  that  will  be  further  investigated  are  the  three  top  banks belonging  to  Indonesia  Bank  Loyalty  Index  (IBLI)  and  Most  Followed  Bank (MFB). 

Research  fi ndings  resulted  Banks  belonging  to  IBLI  and  MFB  group  has  a different  level  implementation  of  RMS  through  twitter.  The  overall  level  of implementation were found in two groups are still very low, especially in the task sharing dimension. IBLI banks more implement the dimension of RMS than MFB bank group. Assurance was most widely used on the two banking groups. 

Keywords : Relationship  Maintenance  Strategy,  Marketing  Public  Relation,  Banking, Twitter.

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