Pengaruh Dimensi Kualitas Pelayanan PuskesmasS. Parman Banjarmasin Terhadap Kepuasan Pasien Dalam Memperoleh Pelayanan Kesehatan

Widi Utami, Ahmad Alim Bachri


This  study  aims  to  identify  and  analyze  quality  of  service  (as  variable indefendent)  are  services,  personnel  skills,  health  care  costs,  availability  of drugs, and environmental security effect on patient satisfaction (as a variable defendant) in the public health services in health centers S.Parman Banjarmasin. The research was conducted in March until May 2012, using a random survey of  100  respondents  from  the  community  in  the  Kecamatan  Pasar  Lama  and surrounding  Antasan  Besar  and  enjoy  the  health  center  at  a  public  patient, patient’s health insurance and public health insurance.

The results of this study indicate that the quality of service is service, personnel skills,  health  care  costs,  availability  of  drugs,  and  environmental  safety  and simultaneous  partial  effect  on  patient  satisfaction.  All  variables  indefendent positive  and  signifi cant  impact  on  patient  satisfaction  and  the  availability  of drugs  is  the  most  signifi cant  variable  impact  because  the  main  objective  to restore  the  patient’s  health.  Satisfaction  index  S.Parman  comsidered appropriate. 

Keyword : Health service quality, patients satisfaction.

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